Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions by our customers. Just click on the question to reveal the answer or feel free to contact us with any query you may have.

We have a large selection of sizes:

  • 40sq/ft
  • 45sq/ft
  • 50sq/ft
  • 60sq/ft
  • 70sq/ft
  • 75sq/ft
  • 80sq/ft
  • 85sq/ft
  • 90sq/ft
  • 100sq/ft
  • 130sq/ft
  • 135sq/ft
  • 150sq/ft
  • 300sq/ft
For home storage, typically a 100 sq/ft  would fit the contents of a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, a 150 sq/ft  would fit the contents of a 3/4 bedroom house and a 300 sq/ft  would fit the contents of a 5 PLUS bedroom house.

For office storage, a 100 sq/ft  would fit 325 file storage boxes, 150 sq/ft  would fit 485 file storage boxes and 300 sq/ft  would fit 965 file storage boxes.

Due to customer demand, we now have NEW smaller units of 70sq/ft

Our facility has a 24 hour Gardaí monitored alarm system installed with coded entry. The units are off-ground metal or indoor metal and block work concrete units and each one is secured with it’s own padlock.

Our prices do not include insurance. However, it is very simple to ensure your goods, you can transfer your home or business insurance to our premises.

We can provide details of recommended moving companies. Contact us for more details.

Our units are fire compliant and water proof

You can find all directions and maps to our facility on our Find Us page as well as a Google Maps link on the footer of each page.
To find out how much our units cost, please send in a complete our Request a Quotation Form and we will get back to you with a price.
No, you can pay by week or by month and stop using the service when it suits you.

Useful tips when preparing your items for storage

  • Plan your storage layout in advance to make the most of your storage unit.
  • Pack all your delicate items carefully using tissue or bubble wrap.
  • Remove batteries from electrical equipment.
  • When storing furniture or clothing, check drawers and pockets for forgotten food or perishable items.
  • Fill drawers and closets with other smaller items to save space.
  • Anything that you may need to access should be stored to the front of the unit.
  • Use masking tape to seal boxes and bags to keep the contents dust free.
  • Pack lighter items on top of heavier ones.
  • Protect the corners of your furniture with bubble wrap or similar padding to avoid chipping during transportation and cover/protect goods with pallet rap film.

  • Ensure all items are clean and dry before storing.
  • You may not store anything illegal, hazardous or inflammable in our facilities.

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